A UX Revolution: The future of user design thinking.


Graphic Means from Briar Levit on Vimeo.

With a computer at our fingertips, we often forget how far graphic design has come. While the invention of the PC saw a revolution in design, we are now seeing the next wave of change. UX isn’t exclusive to tech; however, it is the foundation of interactive digital design, transforming an entire industry. UX design is a holistic approach to product development that requires an understanding of aesthetics, analytics, and human behavior.

Moreover, as users expect more intuitive, engaging, and personalized digital experiences, the demand for innovation in the field is never-ending. The good news: the industry is one made up of innovators and we are already seeing an evolution with industry specialization.

UX WriterImagine a next-level copywriter that also has a deep understanding of data and serves as an architect for content strategy that works alongside design.

User Researcher: Before design even begins, user researchers are exploring and discovering user behaviors, wants, needs, and attitudes.

VUI (Voice User Interfaces): Requiring a deep knowledge of psychology, voice goes beyond knowing trending keywords. VUI dissects the way someone would search through speech and requires an understanding of an auditory interface. A VUI designer in an architect of the intangible.

AR/ER/MAR Designers: Augmented, Extended, and Mobile Augmented Reality designers are entering a new world, literally. Beyond clicks and scrolls of a website, now we’re getting into user movement, behavior, interactions, and reactions within a space that bridges a physical and virtual world (mind is blown!).

It’s an exciting time for designers, researchers, and writers! Worlds are blurring, and the need for creative, analytical, and technical minds is on the rise. While we don’t have a crystal ball for where we go from here, we can turn to the experts. UX Planet weighs in on the future of with “ 20 Designers, 20 Weeks, 1 Question Per Week.”

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