Martech 2020: High tech, high touch, high impact.


As we enter 2020 (which, by the way, sounds like the future of the Jetsons), we step into a new decade filled with unprecedented opportunities. Technology is evolving and becoming more agile and intuitive than ever before.

The next era for marketing is one that’s not only high tech but also high touch and high impact. Brands that don’t start implementing the latest technology have a risk of getting lost in the jungle, and brands that are utilizing the latest in tech, but aren’t executing a hyper-personalized strategy will suffer the same fate.

Tech to watch

I spoke a bit about beacon technology in one of my latest posts, and I have a strong feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of this technology next year. Merging online with offline experiences, beacon has the power to create a seamless consumer journey. We are already seeing beacon pioneer companies like Disney start to perfect the technology and revolutionize capabilities. Following suit, Princess Cruise Lines and smart cities such as Amsterdam are taking beacon to transform travel and create enriching and meaningful experiences.

Tech that will surprise

I think we are going to see AI and AR (augmented reality) join forces to create magic for buyers. Technology such as Microsoft Kinect’s virtual fitting room are a surprising technology that has room to expand in the market. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Will the travel industry use AI and AR to immerse potential buyers in a destination to amp up buyer desire? Let’s see. A recent Smart Insights article I came across in my AR/AI curiosity shows how augmented worlds are already being used in marketing.  

Tech to explore

Einstein Customer 360 is changing the game. It’s a technology that, I myself, want to learn more about. Know how to use and train teams on Einstein and you will be an asset to any marketing team. In the near future, segmenting will be a thing of the past, because innovations such as Einstein are already allowing us to tap into customer journeys at a granular level. Audiences can now be a segment of ‘one,’ tailoring every aspect of our marketing strategy to an individual’s needs, wants, and desires.

Martech of the future is centered around the consumer, making every touchpoint personal and relevant when they expect it – and even before they know they expect it. I’m excited to see what the 20s will bring and ready to explore the next era of marketing technology.

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