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Traffic you actually want: 5 site metrics you should be paying attention to.

Everyone hates traffic, except when it comes to your website. But the number of visitors to your site is just the tip of the iceberg. What you really want to understand is the quality of your site and how users are engaging within each page. To increase conversions and start building an exceptional site experience, […]

Who you gonna call? Five ways Social Media teams can approach crisis.

When crisis or disaster strikes, social media can be one of your most powerful tools. I had the pleasure of working in the all-inclusive travel industry for over 10 years and am grateful for the experience I gained in crisis management communication. Zika, hurricanes, guest and staff safety concerns, travel advisories, local political unrest, I’ve […]

Let’s Get Digital

Imagine if Facebook were to remove the ‘like’ button? What if twitter suddenly lets you add up to 50 more characters to your tweet? Those minor changes or add-ons may have you scrambling to rethink your content delivery. No worries, if you haven’t heard the news yet, here are the latest and greatest innovations in […]

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